The competitions will take place in different categories. At the World Youth Music Festival Zurich, we have competitions in the categories of concert performances, parade music, show, percussion and Big Band. Within these categories there are different levels of difficulty as listed below. The exact conditions for the respective category and level of difficulty are set out in detail in the festival regulations. Eligible to play are young people up to 25 years of age (by the end of the year). In each team, three “Joker” members are permitted, who are 28 years maximum by the end of the year.

In the concert competitions, each youth band plays a compulsory piece (these will be announced one year before the festival) and a own-choice piece. The list of allowed pieces can be found here:

Own Choice Pieces WJMF 2024 can be found here.

You will find a list with the compulsory pieces here. 

After the registration/deposit has been made, the sheet music will be sent electronically in PDF format free of charge.

When you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Ernst May, who ist responsible for organising the competition: ernst.may@wjmf.ch


1. Concert Competitions
Concert competitions The concert performances will certainly be a special experience both for the participating youth formations as well as for the audience. The city of Zurich offers many beautiful halls for concert presentations where the youth formations, after months of preparation and hard work, can have their concert pieces assessed by a jury. There are 5 categories each for Windband (H): The Categories
Low Level

Easy compositions (corresponds to 4th class SBV) or* degree of difficulty  2- 2+

Intermediate Level

Intermediate compositions (corresponds to 3rd class SBV) or* degree of difficulty 3

High Level

difficult compositions (corresponds to 2nd class SBV) or* degree of difficulty  3+

Maximum level

Very difficult compositions (corresponds to 1st class SBV) or* degree of difficulty  4 – 4+

Maximum class

compositions with highest requirements (corresponds to maximum class SBV) or * degree of difficulty 5 – 6

2. Parade Music
Parade Music Competition The category Parade Music is popular both with the public as well as with the participating formations. The formations can sign up for the traditional variant (straight walking and two game changes). For clubs who like to take additional challenges and want to offer a little more for the eye, there is the category parade music with evolutions. A formation may consist of orchestra, drummers, drum majorettes, flag bearer (Coleur-Guards) etc. All participants marching with the formation will be evaluated. The length of the parade course is 320 meters. The parade music will be on the "Fraumünsterstrasse" in Zurich. Details parade The Categories
Traditional Parade Music (P)

All formations of the traditional parade music (category P) must show two changes. It begins with the percussion (or, if present, the drummers). The change must be after 2 x 8 beats. After the music piece there has to be another change to the percussion or to the drummers (at least 2 x 8 beats) and also stopping on command (with drum major rod or baton).

Parade Music with Evolutions (E)

In category E the formations are free in the arrangement of their performance. When assessing, the level of difficulty of the musical and figurative performance is not considered. There is no differentiation of the performance levels. For the exact dimensions of the parade route please refer to the internet. The sequence of the evolutions is free, but it must include at least three different figures. The presentation may be between 6 to 10 minutes.

Parade music with evolutions – Word

3. Shows
Show Competitions For the show there is a field of 40x25 meters available. The show may be between 8 to 12 minutes. Time underflow or over time will result in a deduction of points. The starting position can be chosen freely. The time is counted from the first note played or the first movement after the start sign by the jurors or the speaker. The time is stopped after the last note of the score. Entry and departure may be part of the show. No distinction is made by category. All formations are evaluated in the same category.
Template Show Englisch Word
Plan Hallenstadion Zurich
4. Percussion

Competition for Percussion / Drum Groups, mixed Drum / Piper Formations

The pieces to be performed in categories 1 to 4 may be chosen freely. 1, 2 or 3 pieces may be performed per category. The maximum playing time is 10 minutes. The time from the beginning to the end of the programme is measured, including applause in between (without final applause). Deviations will result in a deduction of 5 points per every commenced minute.

The performance pieces in categories 2 and 3 must be at least three voices.

In category 3, the performance pieces must contain timpani and/or board instruments (mallets).

In category 4, all sorts of pipes and drums may be used (Basler Piccolo, Natwärisch, Fifres anciens, pipe and others).

The Categories

Single voice drums

Single voice drums composition

Multiple voice drum

Multiple voice drum and/or percussion composition

Drum and/or percussion composition

Drum and/or percussion composition with melodic percussion instruments

Mixed drummer and piper formations

Mixed drummer and piper formations

5. Big Band
Big Band Competition This competition will not take place as part of the WJMF2024.

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